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Ant Audio Wanted A Makeover. We Pulled It Off...

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

In 2018, Ant Audio had been a player in the audio accessories industry for nearly two years. By the end of the year, Ant Audio wanted to revamp its image and find a better way to reach their target audience.

The PARTUM Collective was allotted with the responsibility of social media marketing, visual merchandising, PR and content (writing profiles, content for the website, articles, conceptualization for themes, and networking for added brand value.) and made the following happen within 6 months:


TPC made valuable additions to AEC's in-house creative and social media team by filtering and recommending the right hires. An annual budget was created for all spending - social media, visual merchandising, as well as an annual plan to increase eyeballs via networking.


Ant Audio was a relatively unknown brand in the press circuit. This lead to fewer mentions on the news, which meant lesser awareness amongst the consumer. Our team had to move quickly to build a portfolio for the press and start an outreach program.


Ant audio was in a severe lack of fresh content. This could be a major problem as a brand's identity and marketing are critically dependant on content that showcases their products in the right orientation when it comes to highlighting its best attributes.

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When a brand itself reaches out to its target audience, the former gets a chance to leave a lasting impact on the latter. This is why TPC forged connections with Delhi's popular Engi Fest for 2018 (that sees a 70,000 footfall annually comprising of mostly college-goers), and Ant Audio became the main Music Partner for the fest.


Alongside all content creation, Ant Audio's visibility on Instagram went from 200 followers to 17.8K followers, with similar results on Facebook within 6 months. The annual spend on social media dropped to a third of the initial spends with organic likes and follows, and a YouTube channel was also successfully created and maintained for the brand with regular posts and follows.

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