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Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Prior to TPC's hire in 2018, Ant Audio had minimal visual merchandising. During the course of 6 months, several campaigns were conceptualized. This included designing new marketing merchandise for PR activities and relaunching the brand with a new campaign by the name #NOTONOISE.

This campaign was focused on Ant Audio's key demographic i.e. the entry-mid tier segment. This segment consists of the biggest consumer bracket that associates a brand's value to the functionality above everything else.

The idea behind #NOTONOISE was to showcase real-world examples where ambient noise is a prominent contributor to the lack of productivity or in some cases a key hindrance to one's sense of solace. Through such examples, we were able to embed the idea that Ant Audio's passive noise cancellation headphones and earphones are ideal to root out such issues.

The first edition showcased a chaotic workplace. The protagonist is surrounded by more than a dozen sources of redundant noises.

The second edition showcased a man in an Indian market with his wife and child. Again highlighting the redundant noise and how it throws a person off balance.

In the third edition, we showcased an auto-rickshaw driver stuck in a traffic jam. This concept reflects perfectly to almost every Indian in the country.

Instead of models, TPC focused on the brand's core segment. Ordinary people are what Ant Audio considers as it's key demographic and it connected with them through showcasing everyday people.

Special content (stills and video) was created and delivered for catalogs, brochures, visual merchandising at various outlets both online - Amazon, Flipkart, etc and offline - Chroma.

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