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Jorie HealthCare

This Chicago-based outcome sourcing company provides practice and financial management services to the healthcare industry. Jorie Healthcare came onboard with The Partum Collective just before opening a second office in Quark City, Mohali. TPC is very proud to have played a crucial role in the launch of the new office, and continues to help provide content and creative solutions for the brand across both locations.

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT: TPC upgraded Jorie HealthCare's website to a new, more dynamic look that incorporated SEO, which the website lacked earlier. It was also not mobile-friendly. TPC also replaced random images with personalized imagery and video footage (that our team shot delicately) of the office, along with carefully selected stock footage. TPC continues to write SEO-friendly blogs for the website. We are also in the process of creating a second website for a sub-brand under the company.

CONTENT MARKETING: The Partum Collective has played an integral hand in conceptualizing and executing branding exercises both off-line and online at minimal cost:

To start off, TPC created a time-lapse video (and still footage) of the office being constructed in Mohali, to be used for advertising, marketing, and social media purposes. Important events during the year have also been covered including Jorie's first Diwali.

By posting for jobs online through social media, TPC ensured that engagement rates are high. During Diwali, TPC posted a selfie contest for all employees that incurred zero cost, and delivered excellent results on social media in terms of real-time engagement.

BRANDING: As part of Jorie's pledge to avoid usage of single-use plastic, TPC conceptualized, designed and outsourced special coasters made from tile wastage. We also designed glass bottles for every employee to use.

TPC's graphic design team is currently working on branding for the India office to reflect the company's mission statement and enhance corporate decor.

We have spared no attention to detail, even engaging in buying basic crockery and cutlery for the office, as well as bathroom supplies.

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