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Check Out The Insta Makeover On This Luxury Designer's Feed.

TPC is proud to announce its association with #luxury #fashion #designerlabel #Mayaculture for social media and PR purposes.

The founder and creative director of MayaCulture, Maya Gurjer has many under her belt, including a few for her golfing prowess. Maya's gowns and business suits that combine the Indian embroidery with western silhouettes have adorned many popular personalities including the likes of #malaikaarora, Miss World 2019 runner-up Suman Ratan Rao, actress #sunnyleone, model Shivani Jadhav, and many more.

Mayaculture's Instagram received a very quick and much-needed makeover....


TO THIS (Or as we like to say AFTER):

On updating the designer's #Instagram feed with some fantastic photos (shot by the talented Rakesh Sidana) from her latest collection, we noticed an organic rise in followers almost immediately (over 35 followers in 3 days), and a rise in viewership from 200 views to 850 and above.

TPC has used #Planoly to achieve the desired broken grid effect.

Keep watching this space for more updates on performance and reviews.

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