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The Poem That Inspired A Shoot For London Fashion Week 2021

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Myanmar-based designer Sruti Dalmia is a beacon of determination and hope. Despite battling pandemic-driven challenges and surviving the unsettling conditions in Myanmar, the Indian-origin designer made it through to London Fashion Week earlier this year to showcase her Autumn Winter collection.

The Partum Collective was delighted to realise Dalmia's vision of her collection, and her brand identity in writing – we continue to work with her on subsequent notes for other collections – and thus 'The Unsung Melody', the first of the Gemini Series came to life, on paper and in person.

In addition to the brand and collection notes, The Partum Collective delivered Dalmia a piece of poetry that helped inspire her video for LFW 2021, a most beautiful representation of Dalmia's efforts and creativity that she channelled into her collection.

'She was hers, as she was hers.

When she smiled, she cried. When she laughed, she laughed.

So effortlessly similar, so innately different.

Sisters living through the hues of now, the silk of yore.

Perfect pairings, hiding in plain sight.

Waiting for their forever story to wipe out borders in its telling'

Here is the link to the video:

The Unsung melody is an ode to traditional craftsmanship across two countries: Teaming North East Indian artistry with the equally beautiful South east Asian craftsmanship that has been perfected over decades (just like its counterpart) is like watching twin sisters blossom – so singularly different from each other, yet so culturally alike in mirroring and respecting ancient techniques and workmanship. Two faces, and one heart that erases borders to bring forth something ethereal.

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*All credits to the video and content belong to the designer Sruti Dalmia who has engaged The Partum Collective's services to produce written content.

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