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How microSURE™ Got A Complete Digital Makeover In 5 Days

In September 2020, we met our Everest: The Partum Collective was asked to deliver a compliance-approved website for microSURE™, an alcohol-free sanitizer that has recently been launched in the United States of America. It had to feature customised videos and designs, animations, and....

“We need you to do it in 7 days…”

Here's what we learnt. Never say never. was up and running in 5.5 days, and we received a round of applause from our clients.

Disclaimer: The microSURE™ website stands as evidence of TPC's ability to take on big projects in short notice cycles. We believe in sticking to timelines for you. However, we do request a suitable time period to develop your work, so we can really dot all our i's and cross the t's.

If you're looking for a website to fit your brand, we're happy to help! Contact us now. TPC is continuing to build content for advertising and social media for microSURE™...

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