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The Chic Icon Employs TPC's Writers For Luxury Lifestyle Content

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

The Partum Collective is delighted to partner with The Chic Icon, a global luxury lifestyle digital magazine to supply regular written content across a variety of lifestyle-related genres (travel, gourmet, fashion and style, automobiles and aviation, wellness and technology).

The Chic Icon provides the ultimate luxury city guide showcasing the world’s most prestigious products and services, together with exclusive interviews, industry news and reviews, as well as exceptional business to consumer events for true connoisseurs of luxury, corporate businesses and wealthy consumers from around the globe. It serves to unite a privileged group of global affluent private clients and business pioneers who enjoy the finer things in life under common goals and interests related to the luxury sector, promoting networking and new business opportunities as well as social interaction through its exclusive business to consumer events.

Comments from the CEO & Founder:

"Thanks a lot for the piece on Zass... it is stunning!"

"It (writing) is fantastic as always!"

A sample version of our writing for The Chic Icon...

Watch a fiery sun blaze over the limpid blue Italian sea, with a glass of red in your hand, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a tourist spot that is more innately charming than the wee beach town of Positano, a tiny jewel glistening on the bosom of the ever-popular Amalfi coast. Tiny peach-hued houses perch above each other, reluctantly separated by slender pathways that trickle down to a beach gently dotted by a plethora of coloured umbrellas. Quiet churches stand tall and staid over the chatter of locals and tourists swarming the bustling markets. The sweet smell of lemon pervades the senses, ducking and weaving with the breeze....  

Piqued? To read the entire article, click here

Here's another piece we did on 'Canaves Oia: A View of Beautiful Blue'...

If you've been looking for able content writers, consider your search complete. Reach out to us for written/ creative content: we're raring to go!

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