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The Best Gift For Your Nani's Kitchen During Lockdown? A Logo!

Count your blessings, or even eat them, should the opportunity arise. Whilst lockdown has been pretty claustrophobic (to put it mildly), some small silver linings have popped up in the delicious form of home kitchens with every cuisine possible prepared by the loving hands of housewives, grandmothers and even young kids.

With the entire TPC (The Partum Collective) team being foodies, it is hard to resist turning down an opportunity to create a logo for such a brand, especially when there is a 'nani' involved: as an extension of her mother's book 'Nani Ke Nuske', a client wanted to start a brand that showcased the family's talent for aachars, pickles and other Indian condiments. She contacted us to develop a logo that looked a bit like her mother, but was also friendly and comforting without being too innately traditional.

Here's what TPC delivered.

Comments from the client on a WhatsApp group chat where she shared the logo:

"Amazing designing... super creative designer. I would like to share this beautiful logo made for me, so that all those of you who have business that need promotion can approach..."

Looking for a logo that showcases your business? Contact us for this, and anything creative!

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