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Unwrapping Hindi Rap: HT Brunch Cover Story Interview With Raftaar

As much as I relish our work at The Partum Collective, I do miss the equally fast-paced of print media (having dabbled at lifestyle journalism for over a decade). The constant buzz of activity mingling with the clacking of sturdy keyboards that refused to retire, the too-sweet lemon tea and samosas that unstoppered writer's block at any time of day or night. Dressing hurriedly for fashion weeks with a pair of sensible kicks hidden in a tote (always), arguing about the latest 15-minute workout and which model deserved the cover this month. Of course, handling the sex and relationships beat for Men's Health India took the cake and always led to a lot (seriously A LOT) of embarrassing moments, including one where I was asked to leave a coffee shop for asking 'very vulgar koschens' (I was interviewing a sexologist over women's orgasms, and in order to write his answers, had placed him on speaker phone).

So, when an old and very respected colleague reached out to me to interview the rapper Raftaar (who by the way has an amazing back story) for HT Brunch, there was no koshchen of what I was going to do.

Here is the cover story that was published. I do hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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