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Stanza Living Wanted A LockDown Video. Instead, They Got A Complete Story.

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

New Delhi, June 2020.

Stanza Living, a brand that manages accommodation spaces for youngsters across India, be it students or budding professionals faced a challenging situation: several staff members and residents had to be accommodated within the spaces they worked without the chance of going home for months. On the other hand, other employees could not come in to work.

To lift spirits a little, they decided to ask everyone what they had been upto during this difficult time. They were rewarded with heaps of material shot by young and old alike of how they were passing their time, keeping busy, so much that they weren't sure where to put it...

When Stanza Living reached out to our team here at TPC, we were delighted by the enthusiasm this young company's family exhibited. Instead of just a video pieced together, we decided to build them an entire story.

We had 4 days to sort through over 700 bits of footage that was to be edited, curated and compiled into something that was heartwarming without the cheese factor. Here's what we came up with...

The first vide that we delivered was a mix of all video and image bytes that we got form the staff at stanza living.

The second video that we delivered was a mix of video bytes that we obtained from the residents at Stanza Living from across the country.

Comments from the Stanza Living Marketing Team:

"...we liked the video a lot and appreciate the thought and creativity behind it :)"

Need videos edited? A storyline made? Marketing content made from scratch? We have the ability to do this and more for your company. We grow with you.

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