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Veer Polymers Needed A Serious PPT Upgrade. Check Out The Before/ After

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

What do you do when a client gives you the leisurely deadline of a week for a simple presentation?

Well, here at TPC, we deliver in a day, and throw in an extra spoonful!

Nikhil Walia, the owner of Hyderabad-based Veer Polymers wanted his PPT to reflect his brand values as his company was expanding from 3 units to more. We weren't satisfied with just preparing a presentation, so we decided to come up with an easy-to-absorb video that did justice to his biodegradable, moisture-proof products.

We received this bio or the BEFORE version (some samples)

And we turned it into this in a day!

Also, here's our extra spoonful that we felt would help Nikhil's business meetings:

Post the submission of this project, Veer Polymers asked TPC to give their website a brand makeover and run SEO/ Google Analytics on a regular basis for the same.

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