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We Finished 26 Looks In One Evening For Divya Jain's New Clothing Line!

Delhi-based designer Divya Jain recently launched her latest clothing collection 'Valiente' (Brave in Spanish). This exquisite line of primarily evening formal wear is dedicated to breast cancer warriors - the secret behind the name - and was created to fit and complement real women, instead of catering to aspirational model sizes.

In keeping with her objective, TPC requested sustainable fashion designer Aanchal Sukhija to model Jain's clothing for her lookbook, and website. It was to be a simple half-a-day photoshoot affair - famous last words when you consider Delhi traffic conditions on a rainy day, and 6 last-minute looks added to the shoot!

Nevertheless, TPC delivered on all looks (28 of them to be precise, which meant over 3,000 photographs shot) and Sukhija was an absolute role model (pardon the pun) - she even gave up a date to continue with the shoot!

The TPC team, along with make-up artist Jyotsna Arora combed the town for some last-minute glitter, and Holi color-smoke bombs.

We even included of Jain's custom-made 3D embellishments in the makeup!

The effects looked fantastic, and it took everyone about 3 days to scrub off all that glitter (Sukhija took a couple more days).

All concepts including makeup, background, hair and looks were conceptualized by TPC. We also handled all booking of equipment, studio space, rentals etc.

You can check out all looks on Divya Jain's website that the TPC team also created:

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